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EonStor Solution by Infortrend

  EonStor® Family The EonStor independent storage systems come fully equipped with proprietary ASIC, a high-speed CPU, and cache memory in addition to the storage management tools. The EonStor family of products delivers exceptional reliability, cost-efficiency and extensive scalability.
  Eonstor DS Family Downtime can have serious consequences for enterprises and SMBs. The challenge for SMBs is to pro-actively prevent downtime within a limited budget. With today's price points in mind, the EonStor DS storage solution provides comprehensive data protection to ensure the highest data availability for SAN and DAS configurations
January 13,2015 «NEW»
Infortrend Releases Enhanced EonOne for Centralized EonNAS Management
Decebmer 9,2014
Infortrend Launches EonStor DS 2000 Series for Database and VDI Ecosystems Best application-optimized performance among entry-level enterprise storage solutions
Technical Briefs
  Seven Reasons SAS Will Be the New Enterprise Storage Standard
  Snapshot Technology Improving Data Availability and Redundancy
  Using Multipathing Technology to Achieve a High Availability Solution
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